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Happy Cheeeeewsday everyone! I'm so excited to get our Pariah Nexus Crusade kicked off in just over a weeks time! I just wanted to post up on here to remind everyone of a couple things with our first Crusade session so close on the horizon!

  1. Tomorrow is Wargaming Wednesday, so if you have questions about Administratum, or any other Campaign related questions, tomorrow would be a great time for you to stop by the shop to get help from me, or Alex.

  2. We do have a Google Doc that breaks down the Campaign rules, as well as how earning rewards in the campaign will work. That document can be found here. We also have an FAQ master thread for the campaign which can be found here.

  3. There is a $10 per game entry fee to participate in this campaign. We are currently offering a Campaign Season Pass that includes Unlimited Calpaign gameplay, as well as 10 guest passes that can be used by you, or a friend, for any Miniature Monday, Wargaming Wednesday, or Pariah Nexus campaign event. We are offering these season passes at a discount through the end of May. Use code EARLYBIRD (all caps) at checkout to get your season pass for only $99.95. Season passes can be purchased here.

I hope we'll see a whole bunch of you at Side Quest tomorrow as we prepare to kick off our latest narrative, cheers!

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