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Firefly SIDE QUEST-Dunegons and Dragons themed. Swords, shields and other weapons, intrica
Firefly GUILD-Dunegons and Dragons themed. Swords, shields and other weapons, intricate de

Choose your Guild Membership


    Every month
    Base Level Membership
    • Hero's Haul: Monthly bag of mystery dice and fun accessories
    • Exclusive Early Access to product and events
    • Enjoy special in-store pricing for members
    • Exclusive Coupons for new releases and pre-orders
    • (1) FREE "Guided D&D 1-Shot Adventure" per month

    Every month
    This membership tier includes all the perks and privileges of the ADVENTURER membership
    • Quest Chest: Premium box of trinkets and items
    • Annual Artifact: Receive a limited-edition item every year
    • Year-End Gala Invitation
    • Knight Nights: VIP Gaming Nights - Members Only
    • (2) FREE "Guided D&D 1-Shot Adventure" per month
  • Pariah Nexus Season Pass

    Pay once and play unlimited games all season long! Your season pass includes 10 additional tickets for you or a friend to attend a Wargaming Wednesday, Miniature Monday, or Crusade event.
    Valid for 8 months

    Membership Detials

    Immerse yourself in epic adventures with our exclusive membership program. Uncover mystery dice, early game access, and a vibrant community. Choose your path—become an Adventurer or ascend to Knight status. Embark on a journey where every quest leads to treasure, camaraderie, and boundless gaming possibilities. Join us and unlock a world of premium experiences at Side Quest Games and Accessories!


    Hero's haul

    Dive into a monthly bag of mystery dice and delightful accessories that promise to elevate your gaming excitement

    Exclusive Early Access

    Be the first to explore forthcoming game releases and enjoy the privilege of pre-ordering ahead of the pack.

    Bonus Valor

    Accumulate Bonus Valor and spend points for discounts on coveted gaming merchandise, transforming your victories into tangible rewards.

    Tales of TTRPG

     Immerse yourself in an exclusive world of tabletop role-playing with monthly D&D Streaming, AI Articles, DMing Blogs, Beta Testing homebrews, and more—unlocking a trove of premium TTRPG content.

    Inner Circle Commune

    Connect with fellow adventurers in private channels, forging bonds in a secluded digital sanctuary.

    Apparatus of Savings

    Enjoy exclusive member pricing on our app and in-store. APP is available in both major app stores.


    Quest Chest

    Unbox a premium monthly chest of trinkets, items, and dice, enhancing your collection with each delivery.

    Knight Nights

    Explore uncharted realms during our VIP Gaming Nights, hosted in a private, online sanctuary exclusive to Legends.

    Gathering of Legends

    Participate in splendid feasts, meetings, and grand expeditions, rivaling the grandeur of epic quests.

    Annual Artifact

     Receive a limited-edition, exclusive collectible artifact, crafted to commemorate your 1 year of Knight membership.

    Pinnacle Support

    Enjoy priority customer support, ensuring your gaming experience remains uninterrupted and exceptional.

    Early access 

    Be the first to secure your spot at special events

    Year End Fest

    cap off your year of gaming excellence with an exclusive year-end gala celebration.

    Monthly Quest Challenge

    Undertake unique monthly quests, each promising bonus points, exclusive content, or treasured gaming relics.

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