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Hello everyone! You maaaay have heard through the grapevine lately that we are gearing up to kick off a new in store campaign, and I am happy to confirm that the rumors are true! Pariah Nexus will begin on May 29th and be running every other Wednesday all the way through December.

We are so excited to get started with a brand new Crusade season, and we are adding new features and tools to this campaign that we really think you all are going to enjoy!

The first of these new features we are rolling out are digital Order of Battle and Crusade Cards. Instead of struggling with the old paper sheets, all of your Battle Reports, Experience Points, Battle Honors, and more, will be handled digitally through Administratum.

Alex Gandarilla

It's (Wargaming) Wednesday my dudes! Alex and I will be hanging out at Side Quest in Pomona all day today, so if you have questions about the upcoming Crusade or the new Administratum system, today is a great day to come in and get help from us with all that stuff. We also have tables and our hobby area all set for anyone who wants to come in and play, build, or paint with us today.

The event for the Crusade is also now live on our website, and includes a new Google Doc that goes over all the new Crusade rules, including how you will be earning Valor Tokens! I will also be posting a link to that document in the FAQ thread.

Damian C.
Anthony Otero

If anyone's looking to learn kill team I will be able to be there on Wednesdays to teach it so if your looking to get into that part of 40k shoot me a dm!


Kind of can't believe I forgot to drop this here, but here's a Guilliman model I finished recently. He was a lot of fun to work on, even if all the tiny trim on his armor made me want to punch the wall sometimes. 🙃 The heads are even magnetized so they can be swapped between the helmeted and regular head!

Damian C.


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  • 29 May Wed | 'Warhammer 40k Crusade: Pariah Nexus'

  • 26 Jun Wed | 'Warhammer 40k Crusade: Pariah Nexus'

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