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Good news everyone! Pre-registration for the Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign: Season 1 are now open. If you are interested in participating in the campaign, please fill out the attached form by clicking the link in this post. Players of all experience levels are welcome to join in this campaign, even if this will be your very first time playing 40k!

Details regarding dates and times for scheduled narrative play events are coming next, so stay tuned.

We are looking forward to embarking on this journey into the Grimdarkness of the far future with all of you. 🔥🚀💀

⬇️Campaign Pre-Registration Form⬇️

Masun S
Anthony Otero
Sam Barney


Enter the Warhammer Wonders, a realm where the mighty conver...



  • 29 May Wed | 'Warhammer 40k Crusade: Pariah Nexus'

  • 26 Jun Wed | 'Warhammer 40k Crusade: Pariah Nexus'

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