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It is with tragic news, that the Online Lorcana TCG Game Client: PixelBorn, has been offically stabbed helplessly by the Walt Disney Company. Server will cease to exist on June 16th 2024. With this very heart breaking news. The Lorcana community will no longer have opportunities of test playing decks, preview new cards, or enjoying the game when there is not a local card shop available to new players.

To anyone who has enjoyed this Online client there are rumors that Ravensburger may be developing their own Game Client in the near future. Sources from their job listings page hint to this rumor. But with no certainty there is no hope that it will happen any time soon in the near future.

Thank you SideQuest for always having your doors open for Lorcana Players.

Drew Denis
Drew Denis
Drew Denis
May 30

Double damn.. I always figured it was only a matter of time, but it still stings. Sucks to see the community kicked in the shins like this..

Always happy to host and play with you guys though!

Thanks for sharing Luke 🫶



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