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Rolling the Dice: A Personal Quest into Dungeons & Dragons

Hey fellow adventurers, Ryan here! Let me take you on a journey through the twists and turns of how Dungeons and Dragons went from a snooze-fest to an obsession for me.

So, picture this: I'm handed the rulebook for 4th edition D&D, and it's like trying to decipher an ancient scroll written in a language only wizards understand. Needless to say, it didn't click, and into the shelf it went.

Fast forward to the release of 5th edition. Something about it intrigued me, so I decided to give D&D another shot. Well, hello simplicity! The storytelling focus and the promise of epic adventures had me hooked. Cue my resurrection into the D&D realm.

Suddenly, I find myself behind the DM screen for small groups. Little did I know this would escalate into hosting nights for 5-6 groups, juggling up to 40 players a week. Chaos? Absolutely. Worth it? Hell yes.

In the midst of this whirlwind, a year-long campaign emerged. It wasn't just about rolling dice and slaying monsters. It became a soap opera with dragons – characters growing, stories intertwining, and twists that left me questioning my own sanity.

This campaign taught me what it truly means to fall in love with characters straight from the imagination of my peers. Emotions ran high as I watched them evolve, struggle, and triumph. D&D became more than a game; it was a deeply personal experience.

Handling multiple groups was like spinning plates, but with more dice. Logistics, storytelling consistency, and adapting to each group's unique dynamic – it was a challenge, but one that forged an unbreakable bond with the game.

Through it all, my passion for sharing D&D stories grew. Introducing new players to the magic of the game, witnessing their wide-eyed excitement as they rolled their first natural 20 – that's the real magic for me.

So, there you have it – my rollercoaster relationship with Dungeons and Dragons. From a lukewarm start to orchestrating epic campaigns, I'm hooked. As I continue this ongoing quest, I carry with me the stories, the camaraderie, and an undying love for the fantastical world of Dungeons and Dragons. May your rolls be ever in your favor, fellow adventurers!

Ryan Haggerty
Manager - Side Quest


Is that a hunger games reference you threw in at the end?

Replying to

I would've done the same. Perfect use of that quote

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