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Hello everyone!! We are so excited to host everyone tonight for the next chapter in our ongoing Narrative Campaign! I wanted to give a couple quick updates to everyone here, as we will be making a couple slight adjustments to accommodate the larger point values you all will be fielding for the rest of the campaign.

First off, we will be only hosting one Narrative game per night going forward, in order to give everyone the opportunity to play through their entire match. If you finish early, you are welcome to hang out and play casual matches, until our stop time at 10 pm.

Second, bigger points means bigger tables. With this change, we will only be able to accommodate 5 tables total with our space constraints. This means we may have to team up more players than we have for previous games, but we will speak to everyone before their match to make sure they get a full game experience.

Finally, if you are new to the campaign, or have missed a couple games, please make sure to speak to me or our co-organizer, Alex, before the game tonight to make sure you are given any relevant buffs you may be due in order to keep the matches balanced.

Thank you all, as always, for your continued participation in the campaign. We are looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Also, here's a bonus pic of my girl Princess and her Guardsman friend.

Anthony Gonzalez


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