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Hello Everyone!

So todays Lorecast on Twitch today presented by Ravansburger revealed CHAPTER 4 Trailer and Title: URSULA's RETURN.

We will also be getting NEW CHARACTERS from ENCANTO!

Officially revealed in the Trailer we will be getting some form of Bruno.

It looks like this set will a starter deck will be focusing heavy on Emerald🟢/Amythst🟣

I Do predict we will get a Floodborn Ursula Finally.

For my Amythst players, we had a ton of Ursula cards in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3, yet we never had a Flood born you could shift with her. So I'm super excited to see this all come to play.

Which Character are you Excited for in Chapter 4?

  • 0%Ursula

  • 0%Bruno


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