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Amazon has posted on their Website a Product Placeholder page for The new Starter Decks for I"nto the Inklands" with a much better resolution of some of the new Promo Cards.

Looks like we have:

Moana: Ruby

Scrooge Mcduck: Sapphire

Pongo: Amber

Peter Pan: Emerald


Stitch: Emerald

Tinker Bell: Sapphire

Also now that I have a better picturing of the box, does anyone else think the Artistic Font of the Text remind them of DuckTales?😂😂

Maybe we mind get Huey, Duey, and Louie??

Some crazy Duck Family Mechanic?

Can't wait to find out

Jay (Shop Owner)
Jay (Shop Owner)
Jay (Shop Owner)

I'm gonna have to pick up one of those Scrooge McDuck decks 🔥



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