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Friday Night Commander
Friday Night Commander

Fri, Dec 01



Friday Night Commander

Join us every Friday at Side Quest Games and Accessories for an exhilarating Magic: The Gathering Commander Event - Delve into the world of powerful spells and legendary creatures as you compete in exciting pods of 4 players each.

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Time & Location

Dec 01, 2023, 2:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Pomona, 3503 W Temple Ave a, Pomona, CA 91768, USA


About the event

Event Details

- Location: Side Quest Games and Accessories

- Time: 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM

- Pod Size: 4 players

- Maximum of 3 pods Simultaneously

- Game Duration: Limited to 90 minutes per game

Entry Fees

Standard Entry: $6 per pod, or $15 for a 3 pod pack (all 3 games must be played consecutively). Includes one standard set booster per pod entry.

Premium Entry: $20 per pod, or $55 for a 3 pod pack (all 3 games must be played consecutively). Includes one standard collector booster per pod entry.

Infinite Combo & Pod Wiping Rules

- Infinite combo and pod wiping tactics are only allowed after every player has had their 6th turn. This ensures that all players have a fair chance to develop their board and strategies before the more explosive plays come into effect.

Prize Support

- Each player will receive 1 booster pack upon entry.

- Players will receive 1 additional booster pack for each player they eliminate during the game.

**Please Note** Premium and standard entry players will receive the same prize support (one standard set booster) per elmination. Premium pack support only applies to the pack a player receive upon entry.


Pods will start as soon as we have 4 people.

- 2:30 PM: Registration begins/First pod(s) start

- 4:00 PM Second pod(s) start

- 6:00 PM: Third pod(s) start

- 7:30 PM: Fourth pod(s) start

- 9:30 PM: Latest games must end

**Note:** If there is an odd number of players, one player may join the table as a "guest" player for that round. The guest player won't be eligible for prize support but will get a booster pack upon exiting the pod.

Deck Building Rules

- All decks must follow the official Commander rules.

- Players must have a 100-card singleton deck (no more than one copy of each card, excluding basic lands).

- Decks must be registered with the event organizers before the start of the first pod.

- No Proxies

Event Rules

- All players are expected to maintain a respectful and friendly atmosphere throughout the event.

- Any player caught cheating or engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior will be disqualified from the event and may face future event bans.

- The event organizers have the final say on any rules disputes.

Additional Information

- The prize support will consist of booster packs from the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion(s).

- Players are encouraged to bring their own trade binders and engage in friendly trading between rounds.

Embark on this epic journey at Side Quest Games and Accessories as we immerse ourselves in the fantastical world of Magic: The Gathering. Sharpen your skills, strategize, and seize victory in our Friday Night Commander Showd

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